No Current Outages

Past Issues

Neil Bay Drive

3:45 AM - All service restored, thanks crew, for working so quickly.

2:50 AM - Main repair is complete. Crews expect it will take about 45 minutes to flush the line and bring customer connections back online.

10:00 AM - Crews are currently working to repair a leak on the Neil Bay Dr. water main. Approximately 10 homes are affected by an emergency shutdown of this section of main. The shutdown for repairs is expected to last several hours. Follow us on Twitter @RocheWater for more up to date information.


Neil Bay Drive
4:00 PM - Repairs complete, water service restored to affected customers.

1:00 PM - Repairs to the service line are ongoing, only 2 customers remain off. We hope to have services restored in the next few hours.

11:00 AM - There is an outage on Neil Bay Drive as crews work to repair a service line leak. More details to follow as they become available. Follow us on Twitter @RocheWater for more up to date information.


Bridle Trails

From 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM 44 homes will be without water service as we are making repairs to our main on Tarte Road. The affected area includes Pearlie Ln, Wildflower Ln, and parts of Petrich Rd. We have sent out an alert to affected customers with information regarding the outage. Our crews will be working as fast as possible to make repairs and get our customers back into service. Thank you.

Pearl island outage

Roche Harbor Water discovered a main break in our underwater service line to Pearl Island on Tuesday July 13th, 2021. This line was temporarily shut down and all residents of Pearl Island were without water until repairs could be made. Repairs were planned to take several days.

Initial timeline


-Update- 8:30 AM
Divers have located the leak, repair parts are being flown over from the mainland. Repairs are scheduled for low tide, around 2PM.

-Update- 1:45 PM
Divers inspecting the line found a 16-inch gash, where a vessel had struck the water line. The utility has disconnected approximately 30 homes on Pearl Island and one on San Juan that are affected by the break. Door hanger notices will be going out to the affected customers with more information. Once repairs are completed, as a safety precaution, the utility recommends that customers in the affected area boil their tap water or use purchased bottled water until further notice.

-Update- 5:45 PM
Divers attempted to make repairs to the water line, despite their best efforts the repair failed. The line will remain out of service, another attempt to make alternate repairs will begin tomorrow morning.


-Update- 3:20 PM
Progress is being made; a repair splice has been installed where the leak was found. A second leak has been identified and divers are moving to repair that leak now. Hopefully, our team can finish repairs and begin flushing the line. Thank you all for your patience.

-Update- 4:30 PM
Divers and crew have successfully repaired the leaks.
We are now starting to flush the main. Water service should be restored this evening. Pearl Island will remain under a boil water advisory until we have negative bacteriological results from our lab. Affected customers have notices and information about the boil water advisory attached to their doors. Roche Harbor Water will alert everyone when the advisory is lifted.. Thank you to the divers and crew, thank you to our customers for their patience during this outage and repair -Roche Harbor Water Team

-Update- 8:25PM
Flushing is complete, all services have been restored. A boil water advisory for all customers of Pearl Island shall remain in effect until bacteriological testing comes back.


-Update- 4:50PM
Bacteriological test is back from the lab, the boil water advisory for Peral Island is now over. To everyone affected, we would like to thank you for your patience while we dealt with this unusual main break.